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To introduce you to the world of Creative Questions, we offer you several ways for you to get a feeling of what the Creative Questions can do for you. The more you apply the Creative Question System, the easier it will be for you to be a Conscious Creator of good health, wealth, success, happiness and fulfillment.


Listen to this 7 minutes interview with the founder Arne Rantzen - The Question Guy - and find out how he discovered the Creative Questions System.

Listen to Doctor Monica being interviewed by Nancy Matthews, the founder and CEO of WPN Womens Prosperity Netwrok about how Creative Questions is the new way of thinking... (1 hour)

Listen to Ask Doctor Monica Blogtalkradio show hosted by Kim Teford. Learn how to use your daily life for your spiritual awakening with this interactive talk show. Doctor Monica gently guides you to the core life experience that you often resist, but is essential for you to transcend. If you have a relationship that leaves you feeling isolated, a work worry, some money madness, or a self-esteem lump, call and speak directly to Doctor Monica on the last Wednesday of each month. (1 hour)

Listen to Ask Doctor Monica Blogtalkradio show hosted by Kim Teford. Doctor Monica opens the show with a discussion of how money concerns highligts our unconscious beliefs about abundance. Your calls will showcase Doctor Monica's gifts as a coach. Everyone listening will gain a deeper understanding of how money issues are a deep calling to go withing and connect with your worthiness and abundance. (1 hour)

Listen to Doctor Monica with Morning Inspiartio radio show hosted by Darlene Siddons. Doctor Monica of Coaching The Feminine Way will be sharing her inspiring story and how she came to develop her coaching program that supports women who want to be successful in life and business, and the amazing Creative Questions cards. She has a full hour of inspiration planned which will include one of her famous meditations. you will not want to miss this show....

Pick A Creative Question Card

Pick Your Own Creative Question Card and find out what your consciousness wants you to focus on today!


The "Allow Your Mind to Evolve?" article describes how to finally balance your rational and your intuitive minds.

The "Why Can I Choose?" article describes how the Creative Questions System was discovered.

The Power of Creative Questions article explains the meaning of the Creative Questions System.

The Healing Your Money article gives you a new way to think about money.


The Don't mess up with Questions must read E-book, shows you 10 different kind of questions and their various purposes.


Listen to this Creative Questions 1 hour introductory Tele-seminar to understand how question run your life and how you can get educate your mind with Creative Questions.

Listen to this 1 hour introduction to Expand Yourself Now and Doctor Monica's Guided Meditation to build up your TRUST. Also, enjoy the 'Recovering Aliveness' process, that will help you understand how your daily life will change when you start to Expand Yourself to include all of you: 'Your Real Self', "Your Repressed Self' and 'Your Creative Self'. Download here.


Let Doctor Monica shower you for 4 minutes with this Guided Meditation where you will integrate the Creative Question 'Why Am I Grateful?'

Take the Creative Questions Attitude Quiz and find out how strong your success attitude is.

Take this Creative Questions Introductory Course and learn how Creative Questions work.

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How do questions create my reality?
Creative Questions purposefully direct your thinking to be active in a certain favorable direction, to attract what you want to experience.

How fast do Creative Questions work?
With Creative Questions you can have immediate inner change and feel better. For example, if you are scared, you are probably asking, “Why can I be hurt?” If you change your question to wondering, “Why can I feel safe?” your creativity will immediately start to offer you safety.

What are the benefits of Creative Questions?
There are many benefits to Creative Questions. One of them is that Creative Questions gives you an easy way to manifest your dreams. When you apply Creative Questions, your first reward is that you quickly contact your emotional truth and immediately start to feel your new reality.

Then you will see that your reality transforms to fit your new perspective, allowing you to create more of what you want in every area of your life.

What is the difference between affirmations and Creative Questions?
Creative Questions help you jump to the next step in conscious evolution, from affirmations to Creative Questions. Affirmations are statements, and the difference between statements and questions is that statements are stagnant while questions open the door to creativity.

For example: Imagine that you are having trouble enjoying a rainy day. You begin to affirm, “I enjoy this rainy day.” Can you feel the contradiction between what you experience and what you want to experience? What happens if you ask a question instead, “How can I enjoy this rainy day?” Here you allow the unlimited creative power to send you answers that will support you in what you want to experience, which is to enjoy this rainy day.

How do I know if I have the right question?
To learn how to ask the right question is an art. The right question will always inherently have the results that you want. If you seriously contemplate and try to feel a new question, and you notice a resistance to it, that indicates that the old question that you had before is being shaken. If you shower yourself with your new question, you will start to feel better and see your results.

For example: Let’s say that someone is angry at you. You start to ask yourself, “How can I feel safe here?” Probably the first minute, your answers are negative and you don’t see how you can possibly feel safe. Eventually, if you keep asking and feeling the question, you see how the question itself opens the door to safety and then you allow yourself to feel safe.

Sometimes it can be tricky to identify specific questions for oneself, and the assistance of a Creative Question Coach can help you discover the most effective question for you to have the results you want.

Can Creative Questions inspire a more positive world?
Every time someone is approached with a supportive question their spirit remembers to shine more.

For example: Imagine that you are in a store and the store keeper is having a bad day. If you approach that person with a question like, “How can I see the magnificence of this being?” the energy that you emanate switches to allowing that person to shine. That is why it is so important to learn and teach others the impact of asking the right questions.

What can I do when I have unwanted results?
First, identify the question behind your current unwanted result. Then, reverse that question to its opposite and start contemplating it. For example, let’s say that you feel frustrated, and the question you are asking is, “Why is this so hard?” Reverse that question to its opposite, “Why is this so easy?” and instead focus on why this is so easy. Until you master creativity through Creative Questions, we suggest you use the expertise of a Creative Question Coach.

How can I inspire others to understand the Creative Questions?
It can be fun to ask your friends and people you meet supportive Creative Questions, such as “Why are you so nice?” and then watch what happens. You will probably notice some kind of reaction, like laughing or blushing. At that moment, you can tell them about your new discoveries with Creative Questions, and how effective they are, using their own reaction as an example. Now, you and your friends can share Creative Questions with other people and have fun with them.

If you are a member of our Creative Questions Affiliate Program, celebrate the opportunity you have to market the products you love. Of course, the more you master Creative Questions, the easier it will be to explain what they are and how they work.

Do Creative Questions work for children?
Perhaps you are aware that young children are always asking why? They are already connected with the power of creativity. Do you remember how unstoppable that period of questioning was? We as parents or teachers always want to give answers from our own understanding. Right there, we stop the creativity, because the child will learn that your answer is the right answer. What would happen if at that moment you support your child to explore with you the power of creative questions.

For example: If your child asks you, “Why do you feel so happy today?”, then you can play with the multiple answers that appear instead of being attached to the “right” answer. You don’t look for the answer itself. You could say, “Why am I so happy? Let’s see!” and keep asking the question with your child. The key is to give space to the power of the creativity itself and feel safe with open space or silence that you don’t have to immediately fill up with the “right” answer. With that attitude we open up to new and fresh ideas, and when you learn how to do that, then you can teach that to your children.

What is the connection between the body and Creative Questions?
Your body constantly mirrors what your mind is doing. Sometimes your body seems great and sometimes not, independent of any apparent external reasons. This is because you see your body through the way you think about it. Your body even changes to match your thinking. Using “good questions” in relationship to your body is important if you want to feel good in your body.

For example: A common question, "Why is my body so ugly?" helps you find many reasons to dislike your body. A better question could be, "What do I like about my body?", helping you to find many things you like about your body. With “Unlimited Body” you can learn specific questions to use in order to get a healthy and appreciated body. “Unlimited Body” is a conscious, non-invasive, powerful hands-on healing technique, that will support your body to be fully alive. To find out more, please visit

What are the benefits of the Creative Question Cards?
With Creative Question cards, you enjoy the magic of Divine support each time you pick a card. When you play with these cards, you will be amazed at how the right card always appears for you to change a limiting question about yourself or your situation, into your unlimited potential.

With the 52 Creative Question Cards, you expand and grow in 52 powerful aspects of your life. Each card was carefully and Consciously chosen for you to let go of the most frequent limitations that get in the way of becoming an Unlimited Being. You also receive the Creative Questions Guidebook with deep explanations of each card, to help you understand why you picked a particular card, and how you can grow and expand in that aspect.

How can I use the Creative Question Cards?
There are many ways to play with the 52 Creative Question Cards. If you have a problem, need to make a decision or want to receive support or guidance for your day, pick a Creative Question Card to activate your own Creativity to unfold in an easy, enjoyable way. Center yourself, take a card, feel the Creative Question, like “Why am I supported?”, and enjoy the miracle and simplicity of your own Creativity

The Creative Question Guidebook also suggests different games to play with the Creative Question Cards at parties or gatherings, with friends, family and colleagues. Enjoy sharing the magic of creativity.

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